Get your application approved with an AI powered SOP

Create a perfect statement of purpose for your study visa application.

No credit card required

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Create your SOP for free. No credit card or payment method required to get started.

100% Unique

Tailor your statement of purpose with predefined options to create an SOP that just works. No fluff. Just a 100% unique statement.

One-click share

Share your SOP with your consultant or friends to get their feedback. Work together and collaborate on your SOP in real-time.

SOPs for Success

Explore a revolutionary new way to create your statement of purpose


Predefined inputs

Your statement of purpose should only have the information that is necessary. That’s what you get with our pre-defined inputs. No need to worry about language, grammar or missing important information.


Visual editing experience

Customise your entire statement using a simple and intuitive visual editing experience.


One click share

Share your AI generated statement of purpose with your friends or consultant with a single click. Get their feedback on your document.


See what people have to say about us

Ashima Singh

New Delhi, India

Game changer!

Thank you MagicSOP for making my dream of studying in Canada into reality! My visa was approved in July and I am joining Humber college in September. A game-changer for aspiring students!

Nilesh K.

Jalandhar, India

It Just works!

My consultant recommended me to use MagicSOP for my study permit application. I was able to create my sop within minutes and the best part was that I could send it to my agent for approval with a single click.

Chidinma Idris

Lagos, Nigeria

Highly recommended!

I love how simple it is to use this platform. It has made the process to create SOPs fun and enjoyable. Highly recommended!!

Leslie Alexander

Business owner

Easy to use

MagicSOP made my application process a breeze. I loved their support team, specially Allan. Thanks!

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How to make AI generated SOP for free

MagicSOP is built from the group up to help you create statements of purpose that just work. Creating your SOP using AI is simple and easy.

  1. Go to MagicSOP dashboard and create a free account if you haven’t already.
  2. Click on Create a statement to open your AI SOP generator.
  3. Fill your basic details and click on ‘Generate’
  4. Choose the text you like and click ‘Add to editor’.
  5. Repeat for all sections and click on ‘Share’ to download your AI generated SOP or to share with your consultant or friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I write my SOP using AI?

You can write your statement of purpose for your study, work, visit visas or university application using MagicSOP. MagicSOP is an artificial intelligence tool designed and trained to help you create your perfect SOP.

Is my AI generated SOP unique?

Yes! All statements created using MagicSOP are 100% unique as we have multiple layers of plagiarism check in place for all free and paid plans.

Is MagicSOP really free?

Yes, MagicSOP is free to use. We offer paid plans if you need to create multiple statements but our free plan should be good enough for you to create your first SOP.

How is MagicSOP different from ChatGPT?

While it is possible for you to use ChatGPT to create your SOP, MagicSOP is a better choice if you want to create a statement of purpose because it is a free AI SOP generator that is trained to only create high quality and unique statements.
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